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Make a great difference
beyond all imagination
LED lens headlight | LCD meter for electric motorcycle | Oversized seat cask
LCD meter for
electric motorcycle
seat cask
LED lens headlight
Super concentrating performance, balanced light & wider illumination range
Matrix LED taillight
Wider viewing angle, eye-catching warning,
guaranteeing your safety in night travel
LCD meter for electric
The large screen is easier to review the functional
parameters, integrating motorcycle and driver
High-resilience cushion
Memory foam cushion, comfortable to sit on,
with long service life
Oversized seat cask
Extra-large storage space, holding more goods
Electronic control lock
Multiple functions are integrated together,
convenient and efficient for operation
Turn on | Power off | Lock up
Front and rear disc brakes
Shorter braking distance and better braking effect
Front 220
Rear 180
Hydraulic shock absorber
Bring you a more comfortable riding experience,
even on bump road
More details
Alloy clothes
Chain stay
Tubeless tire
P/R gear
USB recharging
E772V20AH/32 AH
◎ Safe
Dacromet stainless standard parts, front and rear
disc brakes, backrest
◎ Comfortable
90/90-10 tubeless tire, high-resilience cushion,
high-capacity seat cask
◎ Power
1,200 W motor, nuclear magnetic vector controller
◎ Intelligent
AQ anti-theft system, LCD meter for electric motorcycle,
reverse, P gear, USB recharging port
◎ Speed
Maximum speed = 52km/h
◎ Size
1760*665*1090 - 1260
Various colors available
New bright-moon white
Interstellar gray
Deep water blue
Lafite red