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Eagle 20S - Fast and the Furious 3
Self-developed product
shining and charming
Front and rear disc brakes / LED SMD headlight
Independent die sinking
providing unique model
Gorgeous appearance, with the temperament of Prince Charming
Rounded corners, coupling strength and gentleness,
providing best service for you
Bright color series
with baking varnish
PU baking varnish, providing a 3-year warranty
Show different color effects from different angles
LED SMD headlight
Super concentrating performance, stronger penetrating capacity
Light up the dark road ahead
LED SMD headlight
Sensitive AQ anti-theft system
Golden triangle
The whole motorcycle conforms to ergonomic design,
more comfortable to ride
With golden-triangle structure, easily place the legs and turn freely
Front and rear disc brakes
Front 265 internal disc brake, rear 180 disc brake
Better braking effect and shorter braking distance.
Nothing is more valuable than life.
High-resilience cushion
Memory foam cushion, comfortable to sit on,
with long service life
CST 6PR tubeless tire
High-quality vacuum tires, with long service life,
wear-resistance and anti-slip performance
Chassis subject to 500 thousand
vibration test
Safer, with a service
life of 10 years
High load capacity and strong resistance to corrosion,
rust and breaking
Safe charging port
Safe socket + protective shell
Safe and practical to prevent false triggering
Well developed technology
high-quality product
1000W motor
Nuclear magnetic vector controller
All-in-one waterproof chassis
The whole motorcycle is waterproof
More attention
paid to details
Smart taillight
Eye-catching warning, achieving
multi-directional protection
Making travel at night safer
Wider & thicker
Comfortable to lean on
One-button reverse
Easy and convenient
Say goodbye to reversing with pedal
USB charging
USB is adopted for recharging,
as well as applicable to dead
phone and other small
electric devices
Dacromet standard parts
Safe, stable and stainless
Dacromet fasteners
Available in a
variety of colors
Crystal diamond red
Brilliant green
Brilliant purple
Classical blue
Brilliant blue
with a service life   of years
Eagle 20S YQL1000DQT-G 72V20Ah 72V32Ah
Dacromet stainless standard parts, front 265 internal disc brake,
rear drum brake, backrest
CST tubeless tire, high-resilience cushion
1,000 W motor, nuclear magnetic vector controller
AQ anti-theft system, LCD meter
Maximum speed ≤ 49 km/h
SMD headlight
AQ anti-theft
Front and
rear disc brakes
China Compulsory Certification
A reliable motorcycle provider