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(1) After sales guarantee of products - 10 years warranty for frame (if the frame breaks due to the quality problems of the product itself, one new vehicle equivalent shall be paid within one year, and the frame shall be replaced free of charge within ten years);

(2) After sales guarantee of products - the auto ignition of the car body shall compensate for the new car (one new vehicle equivalent shall be paid for the self ignition caused by the quality problems of the product).

  • 110 points guarantee - core parts guarantee for 10 years.
  • 210 points rest assured - original accessories, transparent price.

    4Life saving artifact

    (1) Smart light array: it is very dangerous to ride at night, and the whole body warns you to protect safety - 360 intelligent lights without dead corner, and you can walk in the night;
    (2) Never mind the brake: you can stop at the critical moment of life and death, and you can go home in a hurry without danger;
    (3) Tough God helmet: flying out of the car is very dangerous, anti falling helmet to pick up the life - better toughness, more anti falling, protect the head from damage;
    (4) Life of tire: don't panic when you burst, and you can keep your safety if you lack air - it can be used for air shortage and can be used for 100 miles without gas.

    10Security technology

    (1) Shockproof frame: rigid and flexible, no fear of impact, super load, super durability, safer riding, three guarantees for 10 years;
    (2) Intelligent light anti-collision: 360 degree body intelligent light protection system, intelligent transmitting signal in driving, driving at will in endless night to prevent being hit;
    (3) Intelligent 4-gear transmission: multi gear design, accurate transmission, light control, excellent driving stability;
    (4) Visual maintenance reminder: intelligent electronic instruments accumulate mileage, remind maintenance problems whenever necessary, and eliminate potential safety hazards;
    (5) Brake guarantee for two years: if the front and rear wheel brake parts break down, they will be replaced unconditionally for free within two years, only for the sake of consumers, only to make good products;
    (6) Forging direction device: mechanical optimization forging process, ultimate strength, anti fracture, can resist continuous strong impact;
    (7) Anti falling helmet: helmet with wide angle reflective warning, high strength anti falling design, even in driving accidents can also protect the head safety;
    (8) Safe charging and power-off function: embedded charging hole to prevent children from electric shock, vehicle power-off protection, motor, controller does not run, more intelligent and safer;
    (9) Standard waterproof main line: high temperature resistant (200 ℃) fireproof and flame retardant cable, automobile grade fireproof and waterproof plug-in, easy to maintain and super safe;
    (10) Dacromet fasteners: the whole car uses stainless Dacromet fasteners, do not worry about screw fracture, three guarantees for 10 years.


    Speed: 60km / h;
    Torque: 200N. M;
    Large proportion: use intelligent close to unlock;
    Appearance plating parts: all adopt grade 7 standard;
    Standard parts: Dacromet process;
    Baking paint: all adopt electroplating technology;
    Steering column: all adopt forging process;
    Lighting: intelligent light array system


    (1) Safety: intelligent light array - 360 degrees really no "dead" angle
    (2) Comfort: no matter how far the road is, the waist is not sour
    (3) Motivation: be willful when you have motivation: two cows can't stop pulling
    (4) Intelligence: don't touch it - open it by yourself
    (5) Speed: 60 yards - the perfect combination of passion and speed